Marlin P. Strub
Roboticist and C++ enthusiast

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Hi, I'm Marlin

I enjoy designing, implementing, and deploying planning and control algorithms that are both theoretically sound and perform well in practice. I'm currently a Robotics Engineer at Gravis Robotics, where we automate heavy machinery to facilitate autonomous construction. Before joining Gravis, I was a Robotics Technologist at NASA/JPL, where I led the path-planning efforts for a snake-like robot called EELS and the new Mars helicopters.

Me in front of the engineering model of Curiosity. Colleagues and me on the Athabasca glacier. Me wrestling with EELS.

When I'm not working with robots, I like sharing delicious food, engaging in deep conversation, and spending time in the remote outdoors.


I hold a PhD in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford, where I was a member of the Estimation, Search, and Planning (ESP) Group led by Dr. Jonathan D. Gammell. My research at Oxford focused on designing and implementing path-planning algorithms that can leverage different sources of information to improve planning performance for complex systems in robotics and beyond. I also hold an MSc in Robotics, Systems, and Control and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zürich. If you're interested in my work, please take a look at my research and publications pages.

Open-source contributions

I'm passionate about open-source software. Reference implementations of all algorithms I designed at ESP are publicly available in the Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL), which I'm currently a co-maintainer of. Jon and I also open-sourced our planner benchmark and development framework, which automatically generates publication-ready performance plots in PGF/TikZ whenever a benchmark is run (here's our workshop paper about it). I additionally contributed features and bug-fixes to various other projects, including OpenRAVE and Emacs.

The source code for this website is available here.